Nice to Meet You, I'm CC

  • Certified High Performance Coach

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  • Owner of F45 Training Studio in San Bruno, CA - USA

  • Certified L1 Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Food Psychology Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Former Founder O2 BodyFit Gym

  • New York University (NYU) – Dental Hygiene

  • Leadership Academy

  • Business Mastery

NEGATIVE 12 CENTS. That was the amount I had in my bank account 12 years ago. I cried at the end of most days, feeling like a failure and questioning whether or not if I had made the worst decision of my life. 


I graduated from NYU College of Dentistry and worked as a Dental Hygienist for nearly two years. After one year in, I was miserable. After seeing my ninth patient for the day, I remember thinking to myself…”This is it? This is what I am going to do for the rest of my life?” I loved my patients and team, but I craved more. More connection (because after all, you can’t really talk to patients while cleaning their teeth!) , more service, more purposeful work that transforms lives. 


In that moment, I decided to quit my career as a Dental Hygienist and become a Personal Trainer. I let go of financial security and pride and grasped on to the passion and calling in my heart. 


Fitness had always been an anchor in my life. It was the only thing that made me feel most alive and I wanted to use that as a tool to help others. With no professional background in fitness at the time, I had to start over. I was getting paid minimum wage to work front desk at a commercial gym - cleaning exercise machines, locker rooms, etc. This was when I was living paycheck to paycheck with a negative account balance.


This definitely felt like a huge downgrade from my previous life. The only thing that kept me going was my vision for building my own transformational community through fitness and health one day. 


Fast forward….I worked my way up to Personal Trainer, then to Fitness Manager, then ultimately to starting my own fitness gym. I opened a 4,000 sq ft. Boot Camp & Personal Training gym, managed a team of trainers, transformed over 7,000 lives, won multiple awards for the “Best Boot Camp Gym” in our area 3 years in a row. I owned this gym for 8-strong years and sold it in 2018.

On top of that, I have created multiple online nutrition programs with $15k - $20k launches.


Since then, I have been diving deeper into transformational work and became a Certified High Performance Coach w/ Brendon Burchard and a Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. My love for fitness is still going strong as I currently own an F45 Training studio. 


My big dream is to merge fitness with self development. To build a transformational haven for people so they can truly become their best selves. My mission right now is to help 20,000 people transform and live their best life! 

Following my passions and stepping into my courage has been the best decision of my life. 


I look forward to helping you do the same!